Sunday, December 20, 2015

U.S. Black Swastika Energies of Urban Black Sorcery

♀ I Remember My Mama’s… Mama’s Royal Regenerative ancestral [Ra] Hermetic Swastika [Black Energy Earth = BEE] Symbol… as I Electromentally Trace [E.T. = Telepathically Search] My Ancient = Futuristic Black Akashic Records to ALL Our Ancient = Futuristic U.S. Black Religious Occult Currencies of Kemetic [ROCK = Black Crystal = Black Chrystomellos = Black Christ = Byzantine] Bloodlines… from Princess Sophia’s Royal Black Ottoman Empires of Moor Universal Sciences [U.S. = Urban Sorcery]… to Our Latent Thalamic [Preexistent Hypothalamus] Mental Matter of Undiscovered Black Magick MELanin… that Prophetically Lead [Pb] Me 2 Saturn’s Esoteric Treasury of Iconology [SETI] Wealth ♀

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