Wednesday, December 9, 2015

U.S. Black Interstellar Oligarchy [BIO]

♀ My Haughty [MH] Oligarchy Mental of Aristocratic [MA]~sonic Memories to Our Secret Underworld Subterranean [U.S. = Mesopotamian] Sea Floor Cities of Multiple Hermetically [MH] Sealed Environments… to an Infinite Array of Magical Black Extra Sub~Terrestrial Life Forms be so Indescribably Magnificent… I’mma Clairvoyantly Scribe a Series of Ancient = Futuristic Hellenistic Greek [Black] Anthologies about My Golden Black Spiritual Parables [Phantasmagoric Dream Visions]… to Our Mythological Black Castilian [B.C. = Spanish] Kingdomes of Empyreal Rome [Subterranean Saturn]... 4 Us [U.S. = Unstoppable] Blackamoors [Blackfoot Indians] of Spain… have Futuristically Reincarnated from Her Exospheric Depths of Rome [Interstellar Saturn] ♀

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