Thursday, December 24, 2015

U.S. Black I Ching Dynasties

♀ My Inner Black Platonic [Plato = Pluto] Mental of Interstellar Philosophical Psychological Intelligence [U.S. Black Biokhemical Equations] to Mama’s Infinitely Deep Golden Blackfoot Indian Seafloor of Hidden Black Energy Empires [BEE = Spiritual Black Wall Street Dynasties] of Mythological [Biblical] U.S. Black Byzantine Wealth…  be Auto Writin’ [Speed Typin’] Prolific Proverbs [Inventive Dictums = Formal Pronouncements] … as I Militantly… Arrogantly… Rebeliciously… & Sabbatically [MARS = Supremely] Denounce Those Illusionary Political Shadow Puppets of Mainstream Religious Lies [Pale Propaganda] ’bout My U.S. Black ETheric + EThnic + EThiopian = Supernatural Shang Cultures… as I Separate [I Ching = Unchain] My Haughty [MH = Inspirational] Mental Self… from the masses of mediocre [Uninspired] mentals ♀

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