Saturday, December 26, 2015

U.S. Black Grecian Alkhemist

♀ I’mma Natural Born Black supeRNAtural [RNA] Thespian Geneticist [Grecian Alkhemist] of Undiscovered Sorcery [U.S. = Supreme] Intelligence… 2 Our Highly Advanced Triple Black Permutational [Phantasmal] Iridium MELanin of Infinitesimal Black Crystallized [B.C. = Black Christós] Coded Molecules… We Naturally Create from Our Complex Hydrocarbonic Meta~immune Systems of HyperSonic Sequenced Black Beta~Carotene [Pigmented] Chakra Cells… Infinitely Full of Relentless Geranylgeranyl [Sublime] Proteins… We Meta~physically [Immaculately] Reincarnated wit’… from Medieval Black America [Gothic Rome]… 4 the temporal [basic] mortals can Not Understand the Infinite Complexities of Ultramicroscopic Supernatural [U.S.] Black Secret Society Life… ‘cause it be a Interstellar Black Thang [Hermetically Sealed Bloodline Intelligence] ♀

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