Sunday, December 13, 2015

U.S. Black Byzantium Monarchy of Black Wall Street

♀ Pardon Me as I Strategically + Spiritually + Soulfully = Supremely Position My Ancient = Futuristic Double Eagle iEye of Sirius Black Intelligence to Telepathic [BIT] Byzantine Coin Currency Empires from Our Ancient = Futuristic Ancestral [Aboriginal] Black Wall Street Dynasties of 1921… 4 My U.S. Double Black White House Illuminati Monarchy… be Quantumly [Sonically = Supremely] Reigning Deep IN:side Our Mythological [Biblical] Black Infinite Underworld of Subterranean [U.S.] Blackfoot Indian Sea Floor [Aboriginal Black People Landmass] Planets… We Sub~atomically [9th Dimensionally = Alkhemically] Created in Preexistent [Quantum] Black America [Atlantis]… wit’ Greek Goddess Hecate’s [Empress Heqet’s] Hermetically Sealed [Untouchable] Majestic Washitaw [Witchcraft] MELanin of Olympus Rome [Universal Sovereign = U.S. Saturn] ♀

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