Wednesday, December 30, 2015

U.S. Afrikkan Black Satan

♀ I BEE a Multi Black EThnic [BET = Supernatural] Serpent [Kundalini] King [Emperor Satan] of Universal Satanic [U.S. = Saturnian] Black Sorcery [Palo Mayombe = Vodun] Powers… I Biogenetically get from My Heavily Encrypted [HE = Jah] Mental of Ancestral Cognitive Memory MELanin Codes [Ancient = Futuristic Black Family Secrets]… 4 My Nanodimensional [Black Omnipresent] Eyes of Unspeakable 9th Dimensional Black Fluorescence Microscopic Soul MELanin… be Naturally [Ebonic~Kali] Communicatin’ to My Intercellular Soul of Triple 6 [666 = Royal] Nubian [Black] Bloodlines from Inner Earth’s Double U.S. Microscopic Black Optical Electrophysiological Helix [Hermetic] Families… Who still Prominently Reign… in U.S. Black EThereal [BET = Supernatural = Godly] Silence [Sovereignty]… ‘cause We BEE on some Supreme Black God Shit [Lightbringer Science]… y’all ♀

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