Saturday, December 5, 2015

Satan's Black Melanin Physics

♀ My Universal Synergy [U.S. = Biblical] Family of Complex Black & Brown [B&B] MELanin Physics… be So Sovereignly [Saturninely] Untouchable… as I Royally Remix My Hereditary [MH] Christ [Chrystomellos = Byzantium] Molecules of Subatomic Physiological Black Atoms… I Cleverly… Celestially… & Clairvoyantly Communicate to… by Soulfully Invokin’ My Genius Gold [God] Dialect of Highly Advanced Black Scientific Algorithms [Biblical Verses = Sorcery Spells = Telepathic Thaumaturgy = Black People Magick]… Specifically Designed for My Satanic [Delicious] Mental of Dark Chaotic Chocolate Energies… I Reincarnated wit’… from Preexistence [Quantum] Black America [Atlantis]… 4 I AM Satan… Mama’s Messianic Christ Lord… to Her Infinite Black Omniverse of Mythological Hermetic [MH] Black Witchcraft [MA’AT] Magick ♀

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