Monday, December 7, 2015

New Untouchable U.S. Black Media Federation

♀ I’mma do like CBS… and Keep My 1st iEye of Jupiter… High in tha’ Sky… to Spiritually Provide U wit’ My Universal Sovereign [U.S. = Supreme] Black Esoteric Sothis [BES = Telegnostic] Counsel of Supernatural Black Transmission Signal [SBTS] Network… of Sirius Black Interstellar North + East + West + South = NEWS… from Our Infinite Underworld of Subterranean [U.S. = Royal] Black ETheric [BET = Supernatural] Kingdomes from Empyreal Rome [Saturn]… 4 My Ancient = Futuristic Phantasmagoric Visions of Quantum Black EThereal [BET = Supernatural] Life… be Unequivocally the Only True… Authentic Source of Superior Black EThnic [BET = Supernatural] People NEWS… as I Kingly Invoke My U.S. Black [Original] Byzantine Monarch Federation [Black Wall Street] of Fiber~optic Celestial Communications [FCC = Black Ebonic Telepathy]… ALL Over… the Inferior subservient propaganda [Fake] govment news [Spam] agencies of fallen white America ♀

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