Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Moor Demonic Black Grecian Arts

♀ Let Me Intellectually Medicate to Meditate so I can Resurrect to Reinvent… My U.S. Black Socrates Mental of U.S. Black Philosophical Olmec People [POP = Medieval Moors = Interstellar Nubians] of Supreme Psychological Sorcery Intelligence… as I Sonically [Speed] Type [Scribe] this New + Ancient = Futuristic Masonic Black People [U.S. Romans’] Spiritual Poetry [Psychic Psalms] of Magical… Artistic… Regenerative Sorcery [MARS = Isomeric] Sciences to Moor Hypnotic [MH] Washitaw Witchcraft… Dominican Demonology… Athenian [Greek] Astrology… Ancestral Alkhemy… & Moor Undiscovered Mystical Erotic [ME = Pleasurable] Energies… We Visigoths [U.S. Afrikkan American Indians = Gnostic Greeks = Genius Goths = Byzantine Blackamoors] Meta~physically [Immaculately] Reincarnated wit’… from Medieval Black America [Gothic Rome] ♀

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