Thursday, December 24, 2015

Latent Sexual Foreplay Mastery

♀ I Like dem Pretty Black Feminine KUSHite Curves of Rebellious Lustful Habits... so We can Medicate to Meditate... & Merge Our Inner Black Sexually Explicit Autoerotic [SEA = Chaos] Energies into a Big Black Intertwined Kundalini Serpent Gland of SINful Sorcery Venom [Regenerative MELanin]… ‘cause Our Hypnotic… Orgasmic... Telepathic [HOT] Tantric Powers be Pleasurably Penetratin’ [Psychically Pleasin'] those Beautiful Nubian Minds of Latent Sexual Foreplay Mastery... 'cause We Sexually Creative by Mama Nature ♀

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