Sunday, December 27, 2015

Hidden U.S. Vatican Memory Vault

♀ I’mma Flip Thru My Black Iliad of Achilles Akashic Memory Records to a Hidden U.S. Vatican Vault of Brilliant Black Musical Composition Pieces… as I Musically Scribe [Linguistically Compose = Historically Write] ’bout My Heroic Epics [HE = Jah] of Mythological [Biblical] Warfare Energies… 4 My Heavenly [MH = Empyreal] Satanic Mind of Highly [MH = Supremely] Advanced Washitaw Witchcraft Magick Intelligence… be Clairvoyantly Speakin’ in a Diabolical Demonic Dialect of Mad Scientist [Genius Gnostic] Jive Talk [Cryptic Complex Ebonics = Ancestral Hieroglyphic Notations]… I Meta~physically [Immaculately] Reincarnated wit’… from Medieval Black America [Gothic Rome] ♀

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