Monday, December 28, 2015

Eve's Biblical Black KUSH Physics

♀ I’mma Alkhemically Amalgamate My Philosophical Pathological Computational Neural… & Ecological Composition MELanin of Subatomic Black Colloidal [B.C. = Golden Nanoparticle] Substances to Moor Sexually Explicit [Pornographic Paranormal] Lust Energies… I BEE Creatively Creatin’ from Mary Jane’s [Eve’s] Beautiful Black Botanic KUSH Physics… as We Hedonistically Medicate 2 Meditate Our Inner Black Kundalini Energies to SINfully [Unapologetically] Pleasure Our Sensual Tantric [Titan] Glands of Euphoric [G.E. = Electrostatic] Ecstasy… ‘cause I BEE that Fallen Black Archangel Michael [Messianic Satan = Devilish Dionysus]… of Ancient = Futuristic Black SINful Religious [Scientific] Philosophies… as I Supernaturally [Supremely] Permeate My Preexistent [Quantum] Thought [Thoth] Energies… from Preexistent [Quantum] Black America [Atlantis = Biblical Eden] ♀

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