Thursday, December 24, 2015

Confidential Microscopic Black Star Intelligence

♀ My Humble [Hubble] Mental of Confidential Microscopic Black Star Intelligence to Very Important Publications [V.I.P.s] of Unpublished [Secret] = U.S. Identifiable Documented [I.D.] Records… about Us [U.S. = Immortal] Imperial Black Dignitaries [Nubian Nobles] of Medieval renaissance [Mr = Mars = Mrs = King & Queen] Genetics… be Secretly Observin’ [Psychically Stealin’]… Our Highly Advanced Ancestral Regenerative Psychological [HAARP = Black Pussy Power] Academics… as I Religiously [Ritually] Invoke My Big Black Coupé [Coup d’état] Deville [Devil] Mental of U.S. Black Cryptic Coptic Sorcery Spells [Retributive Steele Sciences]… Upon ALL Illicit [Non Indigenous] Cultural Thieves of Aboriginal [Astronomical = Interstellar] U.S. Blackfoot Indian [Blackamoors] Cultural Identities & Traditional Treasury Currencies [Orthodox Wealth = Ecclesiastic Energies]… ‘cause this U.S. Black Messianic Satan [Seraphic Emperor]… be back from the Dead [Inner Earth = Hedonistic Hades = U.S. Black Underworld]… y’all ♀

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