Saturday, December 26, 2015

Confidential Classical Soul Music

♀ I'mma Stay Low Key and Magnificently Play on My Futuristic Piano Keyboard of Universal Sacred [U.S.] Black Beethoven Energies… as My Prominent Mental of Hidden [MH = Private] MELodic Expressions… to Inner Earth’s Subtle Gradation Tonalities… be Soulfully Creatin’ [Creatively Writin’] Unpublished Sheet [U.S. = Confidential] Music Sonatas of New + Ancient = Futuristic Hieroglyphic [Symbolic] Notations from My Highly [MH = Cryptically] Complex Compositional Mental of Haughty [MH = Soulful] Black Chaotic Creative Energies… I Meta~physically [Immaculately] Reincarnated wit’… ‘cause I’m Classically [Quantumly] back from the Dead [Inner Earth = Hedonistic Hades = U.S. Black Underworld]… y’all ♀

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