Thursday, December 3, 2015

Ancient Black Shiva + Parvati = Futuristic Kemetic Shakti Energies

♀ Let Me Tap Deep IN:side My Triple 6 [Trill] Subconsciousness of Hi:teKemetic Black Hittite Synergies… to Clairvoyantly Communicate to My Beautiful Afrikkan Nefertiti of Voluptuous Feminine Lust Physics… 4 Our Legendary Black Astrological Biogenetics of Sirius Interstellar Sciences [SIS]… be in Constant Stealth Mode as We Ultra Sonically [U.S.] Radiate Moor Hidden [MH] Black Shiva + Parvati = Shakti Energies… by Invokin’ Our Golden Black Mental Glands of Sexually Explicit Magick Intelligence… We Immaculately [Tantric~Kali] Created in Hi:teKEMET [Meta~physical Egypt]… Eons Ago ♀

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