Monday, November 23, 2015

U.S. Black FCC

♀ My Internal Telemetry [M.I.T. = Sonic] Ear to Inner Agartha’s Remote Audible Communications be Rapidly Sensin’ Moor  Hidden [MH] Ancestral Harr~monics… as I Phonetically Tune into My Deepest… Darkest… Blackest… Inner Subconsciousness of Sirius Black Subterranean Frequencies [Platonic Energies = Subatomic MELanin]… 4 My Ancient = Futuristic = Highly Advanced Dogon Elders of Mali [DEM] be Sonically Speakin’ to Me as I Teletype this Hellenistic Hymn… about Our New Formal Celestial Communications [FCC = Black Ebonic Telepathy] of New Wattstax Atlantis [NWA]… My New Quantum Black World Order [NAQBWO = Pluto’s Parliamentary Vodun Illuminati]… be Completely Untouchable by Any & All Inferior Artificial Intelligence govments of temporal [temporary] reign… as Our Futuristic Cities of Clairvoyant [FCC] Black Audibles… Majestically… Aristocratically… Royally… & Sovereignly [MARS = Supremely]… Make Stealth Cosmic Contact ♀

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