Saturday, November 21, 2015

U.S. Black Byzantine Familiae

♀ I got My Mother & Father's Majestic Gothic Byzantine Empire Mental of Highly [MH] Celestial Artistic Dream [CAD = Black Interstellar Memory = BIM] Mechanics of Unparalleled [MU] Architectural Magnificence [13]... 4 My Natural Born Brilliance to Our Universal Synod [U.S.] of Black Colossal [B.C. = Parliamentary] Infrastructures… be Mathema’atically…  Ancestrally… Radioactively… & Scientifically [MARS = Supernaturally] Transposed from Our Infinite Black Underworlds of Saturnian Aristocrat [U.S.A.] Ancestors… that be Supremely [Spiritually] Livin’ Deep IN:side Our Interstellar Black Corinthian [B.C. = Futuristic] Cities… Esoterically [Masonically] Ruled by Us [U.S.] Predominant Black Steele Illuminati Souls… from Predynastic = Futuristic Black America [Lost Atlantis] ♀

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