Saturday, November 21, 2015

the New Jimi Hendrix Experience

♀ Look at Me Medicating & Meditating Out Loudly…. as I Stay Deep IN:side My Highly [MH] Complex Black God Mental of Multiple Indigenous Thoughts [M.I.T. = Superior Intelligence]… ‘cause I be My Mama’s Original Reincarnated Black [ORB = Saturnian = Sumerian] Voodoo Child Emperor [Tut = MH] Stratospherically Positioned as Above [so Below] New Wattstax Atlantis [N.W.A.]… as I Kingly Command My Ultra Sonic [U.S. = Superior] Black EThnic [BET] Doppelgänger Genetics to Masterfully + Alkhemically + Resonantly + Spiritually [MARS = Vibrationally] Transpose between Our Infinite Black ETheric [BET] Spheres of Constant Black EThereal [BET] Chaotic Change... 4 My Hermetically [MH] Advanced Futuristic Universal Kemetic [FUK = Fukushima = Silent Audible] Visions be on Many Moor Unparalleled [MU] Undiscoverable Soulful [U.S.] Hyperion Levels… U Haven’t Found [UHF = Ultra High Frequencies] yet… ‘cause I AM the New Jimi Hendrix Reincarnation Experience… where do U think We go when Us [U.S. = Babylonian] Black Immortal Mesozoic [BIM = Zodiac] Souls Meta~physically Die [Supremely Live]? ♀

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