Thursday, November 19, 2015

The New Black Esoteric Emperor of New Black America

♀ Let Me Meditate & Medicate Out Loudly… and Advanced My Hidden [MH = Subterranean] Black Chi [Shakti] Energies as this New + Ancient = Futuristic Black KUSHite Emperor of Wattstax Atlantis… Futuristically… Clairvoyantly… & Celestially [FCC = Supremely] Communicate to My Hidden [MH] Underworld Societies [U.S.] of Our Empyreal Greco [Grecian = Greek] Geothermal Black Interstellar Roman Cities… 4 My Pre Historic = Futuristic Mystical [FM] Monarchical Aristotle Reign of Saturn [MARS]… has Spiritually Prepared [Cosmically Aligned] Me for My Hereditary [MH] Universal Hierarchal Fraternal [UHF] Rulership of Mama’s New Prophesied World Order [Black Esoteric Synod = BES Counsel] Parliaments… to Inner Agartha’s Supreme Geographical Black Asiatic Indian = Afrikkan [Akkadian = Archangel = Mage] Root Races of Predynastic Black America… 4 I shall Messianically [Majestically] Rule wit’ a Heavy Black Steele Fist… against Any and ALL earth bound [temporal = powerless] political religious govments… that Cannot Naturally… Genetically… Hereditarily… or Alkhemically Synthesize to Our New Ultra Sonic [U.S.] Black Planetary Academics by a Greco Aristocrat Nubian [PAGAN = Vodun] Emperor… as I Publicly Legislate this New Biblical Hittite Proverb = Universal Spiritual [U.S.] Congressional Hurrian Law… through Our Formal Celestial Communications [FCC = Black Ebonic Telepathy] of Wattstax Atlantis ♀ 

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