Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Ethiopic Version of the Book of Enoch [Tehuti]

♀ fallen America’s Inferior artificial political religious govments not clever enough… not powerful enough… or rich enough… to separate Me from My Ancient [MA] Black Esoteric Sciences [BES]… of Lost Atlantis… 4 My Mama’s Hidden [MH] Multi Black ETheric EThnic EThiopian Textbooks… of Enoch Tehuti [ET = Esoteric Thoth = Elysian Thoughts]… be Quantumly Synthesizing Moor of Our Pre Historic [Futuristic] Greek & Latin [P~latin~um = Platinum] Alkhemical Linguistics of Golden Black Cryptic Coptic Languages… Us Highly Advanced Phonetic Phoenicians of Yoruba [HAPPY] Physics… Mystically [Phantasmagorically] Wrote about in Predynastic = Futuristic Black America ♀

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