Thursday, November 5, 2015

Satanic Black Substances

♀ look at Her Pre Historic… Triple Black = Satanic = Demonic = Evil Alkhemical [666] = Primordial Black Chaotic Substance… Us [U.S.] Predynastic = Futuristic Gods [Highly Advanced Black Alkhemists = Gnostic Genies = Scientific Sorcerers]... Mentally + Arithmetically + Rhythmically + Sexually [MARS]… can Genially Create… by Arrogantly [Rebelliously] Invokin’ Our Ancient Interstellar Subconsciousness of Enlarged Medulla Oblongata [MO] Egos & Lithium~Ion Soul Intelligence Energies… We Biogenetic~Kali… Retained from Predynastic = Futuristic Black America… 4 We are Mama’s Astronomical [Aboriginal] Black Kali Yuga [Kundalini] People of the Secret… Elysian Thought [Esoteric Thought = E.T.] Substance… Us [U.S.] Ultra Black Inter~dimensional Beings of Mama’s Hellenistic [MH] Mental Physics… call Our Golden Empyrean MELanin from Lost Atlantis ♀

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