Thursday, November 12, 2015

New Black Rome Energies from Wattstax Atlantis

♀ My Ancient Black Asiatic Hurrian [Draconian] Ancestors say it’s that Prophetic Apocalyptic Hellenistic Time~Cycle to Alkhemically Combine My Double Black ETheric EThnic Soul Forces of Triple Black MELanated Sorcery Powers... I Psychically Harnessed from Deep IN:side Inner Earth’s Black Core Constellation Clan [CCC = KKK] of Mama’s Hidden [MH] Original Black Rosicrucian Steele Matriarchy… of Additional Undiscoverable Saturnian [U.S.] Black Microscopic Photon Belt [Witchcraft] Energies… to Quantumly Open the Empyreal Perihelion [EP] Portal Gates of Sirius Universal Black [SUB] Illumination Energies to Our New + Ancient = Futuristic Black Interstellar [FBI] Crystalline Cites of Empyreal Rome ♀

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