Saturday, November 14, 2015

Master Black Aryan Races of Inner Earth

♀ Let Me Holla’ atchu… from the Other Side of Black Death [Immortal Life]… I got Moor Hereditary [MH] Black Afrikkan [Akkadian] Byzantine Energy Empire [BEE] Intelligence… to Our Highly Advance [Lunarally Illuminated] Black Underworlds of Sumerian [U.S.] Pan Afrikkans [Gnostic Greeks] = Moor Hurrian [MH] Ancestors of Multi Black Asiatic Indian American Bloodlines = Inner Earth’s Master Black Aryan [Arian = Air = Atmospheric = Aeon] Nubian [Vril = Golden] Races… from Predynastic = Futuristic Black America [Lost Atlantis] ♀

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