Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Interstellar Black Cities of Empyreal Rome

♀ I Ecstatically [Ecclesiastically] Sea Many Moor… of My Dead [Immortal] Black Asiatic Indian [Trill = Hierarchical] Ancestors [Illuminati]… as they Properly Illuminate Themselves [PIT = La Brea Tar Pits]… Around My Ancient Black Voodoo Methodological… Abyssal Portal [MAP]… to Our Ancient [Supremely Advanced] Black Mental Genetics + Our Futuristic Black Witchcraft Magick MELanin + Our Abyssal Philosophical Religious Genesis = Our Empyreal [Ultra Sonic = U.S.] Black Ecumenic Synod [BES] Council of Futuristic Celestial Communications [FCC  = Black Ebonic Telepathy]… of Supreme Black Esoteric Sorcery [BES] Sciences… Deep IN:side Our Empyreal Black Cities [B.C.] of Subterranean Rome… Illuminating Supremely Above Wasttstax Atlantis ♀

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