Sunday, November 15, 2015

I Sea... Many Dead Black People

♀ I should also Introduce U to My Extended [ME] Ancient Afrikkan American Dravidian [A.D. = Black Untouchables = Futuristic] Indian Illuminati Familiae of Interstellar Black Asiatic Telepathic [BAT] Ugaritic Languages… See… I Sea Many Dead [Immortal] Black Akkadian People… I Sea Many Dead [Phantasmagoric] Black Akkadian People… as I Clairvoyantly & Aquatically Tune [CAT] into their Ultra Sonic [U.S.] Audible Bionic Ebonic Linguistic Cells of Highly Advanced Ancestral Rhythmic Phonetics [HAARP]… as they Quantumly Live Lavishly Deep… So Deep IN:side Mama’s Deepest… Darkest… Blackest Abyss Sea of Futuristic Paradisal Black Roman Kingdomes… as I Universally… Supremely… & Aristocratically [U.S.A.] Scribe this Highly Complex [Alkhemical] Black Witchcraft [Scientific] Proverb [Theorem] from Wattstax Atlantis [Our Empyreal Rome] ♀

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