Saturday, November 7, 2015

I Got FBI Assassination Files

♀ I’m about to Kingly [Supernaturally] Invoke Moor of My Luminous Knowledgeable [MLK] Intelligence Energies of Natural Black Demonic Aeronautic Rhythmic Kundalini [DARK] Powers Upon fallen America’s Inferior political religious Agents of Repression… as My Super Militant Arrogant Revolutionary Soul [MARS] of Supreme Black Occult [Vodun = Shakti] Ego [Ecological] Powers… Instill a Silent Assassination Fear… amongst the FBI’s [Fearful Bureaucrats of Illogical] Secret Wars Against Mama’s [Alice’s] Ancient Black Panther Party [Futuristic Black Kemetic Sphinx Clan] of Harlem’s Aboriginal [Astronomical] Black American Indian [Nephilim] Movements of Mystical Atmospheric Rebirths by Sorcery = MARS Sciences… of 1968 ♀

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