Monday, November 9, 2015

Hidden Lunar Black Sub Cultures

♀ I’mma Telepathically Communicate to Inner Earth’s Highly Advanced [Genetically Genius] Black Subterranean [Secret] Cultures of Mama’s Ancient [Futuristic] Undetectable Frequencies by Ocular [UFO] Energies… We Phantasmagorically Create by Mentally Invokin’ Our Radioactive Crown Chakra Glands of Golden Black Electromagnetic Transmorphic [B.E.T. = Shapeshifter] Nucleic Acidic MELanin Molecules… of Moor Hidden [MH] Pre Historic [Futuristic] Multi Black Biogenetic Intelligence Coded [BIC = ETherium Gold] Energies… as I Mentally…. Arrogantly… Ritually… & Spiritually [MARS] Use 100% of My Meta~physical Agarthian Brain of Dynastic Black Celestial [B.C.] Powers to Clairvoyantly Scribe this Legendary Black Sorcerer’s Epic Tale [E.T.] of Supreme Black God Powers from Our Empyreal Rome [Wattstax Atlantis] ♀

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