Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Harrell's Comet of Lost Atlantis [LA]

♀ I be that Legendary Agarthian [LA = Pre Historic]… Black Evolutionary Typhonian [BET = Sirius Soul = Halley’s Comet = Sonic Atom = Sirius]… Sonically Cruisin’ Above Earth’s Infinite Black Phantasmagoric Inner + Outer = Double Underworlds of Fukushima’s Opulent [UFO] Lithium~ion M√ČLange [Li MELanin = Futuristic] Energies… as I Quantumly Display My Atmospheric Radioactive Soul~ark [MARS] Ship… from Babylon’s Interstellar Geothermal [BIG] Constellation of Moor Ancestral Grecian Energies [MAGE]… 4 My Highly Illuminated [999 = Extragalactic = Untouchable] Nubian Black Draconian [Hurrian] Humanoid Mental Ship… Heil [Hell] from Agartha’s Deepest [6]…. Darkest [6]… Blackest [6]… Abyss Sea of Majestic Black Moon Empires [ME] & Moor Hidden [MH] Molecular Oligarchies of Roman Birthrights by Intelligible Telepathic Audible Linguistic Sciences [ORBITALS] from Saturn... as We Stay Supremely & Militantly [S&M] Positioned Above Wattstax Atlantis ♀

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