Sunday, November 1, 2015

Ghostly Black Linguistics of Sexually Charged Energies

♀ I like when She be Intellectually [Naturally] Stimulatin’ My Altered Advanced Mental [MA’AM] State of Inner Sexual [Tantric = Telepathic] Consciousness… ‘cause Her Curvaceous Black Feminine Hit~TIT~e [Hittite] Physics be Affectionately Stimulatin’ My Big Black Pornographic Equilibrium [Plutonic Pineal] Gland… of Inner Earth’s Highly Advanced Genetic Ancestral Interstellar Algorithmic [GAIA] Intelligence… as I Stay Phantasmagorically [Ghostly] Surrounded by many Moor of Her [MH] Hidden Golden Harr~monic Audible Linguistics by Ocular [HALO] Visions of Sexually Charged Energies… Ghostly Permeating Above Lost Atlantis [Predynastic = Futuristic Black America] ♀

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