Thursday, November 12, 2015

Erotic Black Esoteric Religions

♀ as I Spiritually Access My Nano Technology [Futuristic Emperor] Mental to Inner Earth’s Supreme Vril Black Magical Witchcraft Sciences of Highly Erotic Religious [HER] Meditation Energies [ME]… My Predynastic Biomolecular Crystallography [B.C.] Genetics of Highly Advanced Psychological Principles... Ritualistic Christ [Buddha = Black Asiatic Heru] Practices… & Quantum Memory Applications to Our Ancient Heliocentric Structural Biological Crystalline [B.C. = Hellenistic = Black Afrikkan Hell] Powers… be Telepathically Detectin’ Moor Hidden [MH = Subterranean Akkadian = Black Babylonian] Ancestors… as I Sonically Type this Prophetic Proverb [Biblical Verse]… Supremely & Militantly [S&M = Heroically] Positioned Above Wattstax Atlantis ♀

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