Thursday, November 19, 2015

Black Underworld Architecture

♀ I got My Dead [Immortal = Heavenly = Supernatural] Father’s Sirius Biogenetics of Intense Geothermal [BIG = Colossal] Mental Architecture by Monolithic Shock Metamorphism to Our Futuristic Black Kemetic Philosophical Stone Mountains… 4 My Earth [ME] Ark [Ship] of Karnak… be Masterfully + Alkhemically + Resonantly + Spiritually [MARS = Vibrationally] Crafted… by Inner Agartha’s Unparalleled Majestic Black Monumental Mage Architects of Renaissance Seismic [MARS] Structures… from Mama Hittite’s [MH’s] Infinite Underworld Subterranean [U.S.] of Triple Black Aquatic Roman Wonderlands… We Created Eons Ago on Our Ancient = Supremely Advanced Black Island Planet of Predynastic = Futuristic Black America [Lost Atlantis] ♀

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