Monday, November 16, 2015

Black Pyramid Gods [Archangels] of Lost Atlantis [L.A.]

♀ I Proudly Display My Big Beautiful Black Nubian Nose… to Clairvoyantly & Ancestrally [CA]+Link Indigenous Families of Orion’s Radioactive Nuclei from Inner Agartha’s [CA+LIFORNIA] Lunar Black Islands… back to Our Golden Black Monolithic Astronomical Architectural Temples [MA’AT]… of My Majestic Absorptive Geological Energy [MAGE] Stone Memory Mountains… Supremely Displaying Our Infinite Black Crystallized [B.C. = Christ] Byzantium Gemstone MELanin Powers… 4 My Superior Predynastic = Futuristic Black Intelligence [FBI] of Majestic Excellence [ME]… shall Continue to Phantasmagorically [Geometrically + Alkhemically + Iconically + Abiogenetically = GAIA = Magically] Build Moor… Monolithic Ancestral Rembrandtesque Seismic [MARS] Structures of Unequalled Proportions… from Deep IN:side Our Black Heavenly Afrikkan [Akkadian] Indian [Ionian] Cities of Empyreal Rome… as this Majestic Aristocrat Nubian [MAN] Greek God [Satan = Archangel Michael… Harrell = Sirius] make His Triple Black Pharaonic [ETheric EThnic EThereal = Illuminated] Appearance Prophetically known… Above Wattstax Atlantis ♀

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