Monday, November 2, 2015

Ancient Black Iroquoian Bloodlines

♀ My Astronomical Realities of Scientific [MARS] Sorcery… be Unapologetically Invokin’ Moor Ancestral [MA] Energies over Our Pre Historic [Futuristic] Golden Black Globe of Indigenous Triple 6 Black Iroquoian Bloodlines from My Mama’s Ancestral [MA]~sonic Black Cherokee Clans of Chaotic Category 9 Hereditary Indian [Ionian] Powers… and as I Phantasmorially Look Deep IN:side My Superlative Crystalized Visions of Black Phantasmagoric Magick… Us Poetic Primeval [Highly Advanced] Shaman Deities [Orions = Orishas = Yoruba Gods] Biogenetically [Naturally] Built into Our Predynastic [Futuristic] Dark Crystal [D.C.] Mentals… an Infinite Black Labyrinth Maze of Implanted Memory Codes to Our Aboriginal Black MELanated Peoples Futuristic BioGenetic Geographical Ancestral Sciences of Electromagnetic Spectral [GASES] Genes… We Alkhemically Synthesized before We Biblically [Scientifically] Fell… into the low vibratory [illusionary] dimension of Temporary Physical Life [Restrictive Terrestrial Hell] of fallen America ♀

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