Thursday, November 12, 2015

Aboriginal Afrikkan Asians of Lost Atlantis

♀ Let Me Illuminate My Interstellar Afrikkan [Akkadian] Star [Sirius] Origins Over Asia… 4 My Hidden [MH] Black Meso~American Presence [MAP] in tha’ East… of Mississippi’s Original Oceanic River [MOOR = Nile] People [Pacific Hurrians]… be Telepathically Speakin’ to My Supreme Black & Gold Chakra God Glands of Moor Clairvoyant Biogenetic Cell [B.C.] Communications… as I Sonically Scribe this Golden Black Crystallized [B.C. = Byzantine] Magick Hymm [MH] from My Hereditary [MH] Black Asiatic Mental [BAM = Quantum NWO = Black Illuminati] Monarchy of Wattstax Atlantis [WA] ♀

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