Monday, October 12, 2015

Vatican [America] has fallen

♀ I Universally & Sonically [U.S.] Transmigrate [Stratospherically Position] My As Above So Below… Black Ultra Futuristic Orion [UFO = Thermonuclear] Soul [Sun]… by Invoking My Indigenous Black [MIB] Masonic Rites [Biblical Hermetic Writes = Dead Sea Scrolls] of Osiris… from My Predynastic Pineal [Pine Cone] Gland of Megalithic Apocalyptic Revelations by Sonic [MARS] Memory Sciences… to Supremely Encompass Inner Earth’s Black Radioactive Atmospheric Heated Matter of Ancient [BRAHMA = MELanin] Ancestral Origins… from fallen white America’s Mentally Stagnant [Retarded] political + religious = fake patriotic temporal govments of Stolen Aboriginal Black Peoples [American Blackfoot Indians]… Esoteric [Spiritually Black] Knowledge [Gnosis]… from Predynastic Black America [Lost Atlantis] ♀

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