Sunday, October 11, 2015

U.S. Black Sciences of Matriarchal Mars

♀ I’mma Scientifically & Spiritually Reintroduce U to My Ancient [MA]~sonically Curvaceous Black Roman Rosicrucian Cult Familiae from Queen Tiye's Greek Kemetic Egyptian Matriarchies of Ethiopian Theocracies [KEMET]...  We Alkhemically [Immaculately = Mythologically] Created from Mama Hittite’s [MH’s] Ancestral Giza Pyramid Genetics of Divine Feminine Energy & Memory [FEM] Sciences… that be Scientifically [Supremely] Governed by Mama’s Hidden [MH] Paradisal Underworld Olmec [Black Buddha] God [Neter = Magi = Magus = Titan]... of Moor Hidden [MH] Erotically Divine Educational Nubian [EDEN] Energies from Lost Atlantis [Predynastic Black America] ♀

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