Sunday, October 18, 2015

Nubian Greek Goddess Persephone

♀ as I Illuminate My Ultra Silent [U.S. = Telepathic] Genetic Qliphoth [GQ] Tree of a Sirius Black Masonic Ophiuchus Oligarchy by a Nepotistic [MOON] Genius God Clan [Lunar Neteru Pantheon = Black Occult Titans] from Predynastic Black America… My Alpha Mensae Mental Comet of Accelerated Plutonium [CAP = Olmec] Star Physics [Black Dot MELanin]… be Tele Transmittin’ Moor Hidden [MH] Sexual Communications to Inner Earth’s Black Feminine Goddess… Persephone… as We Erotically & Tantrically [E.T. = Quantumly] Transmit our Accelerated Intelligence by Divine Sexual [AIDS™] Energies… on Sinful Anti Religious Sexual Sunday ♀

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