Monday, October 26, 2015

Moor Hidden Telepathic Pyramid Secrets

♀ Let Me Remix My Rhythmic Roman Flow of Indigenous Typhonian [IT] Thought [Thoth] Linguistics… by Invokin’ My Pre Historic Mythological Memory Intelligence of Telepathic [MIT] Tectonic Mathema’atics from My Majestic Giza Pyramid Home to Inner Earth’s Predynastic Black Pantheon of Gnostic Greek Gods [Nubian Neteru]… 4 My Ancient Ancestors of Titanium [MA’AT] Black Labyrinthine Sciences to Mama’s Hidden [MH] Quantum Black Secrets [Cryptic Coptic Texts] of Our Untouchable Soulstar [U.S. = Lunar] Hereditary Genius Genetics… be Sonically Transmogrifying Our New Ancient Hereditary Terrestrial Landmass of Infinite Black Electromagnetic Thermoelectric [B.E.T.] Maritime Airspaces… by Unheard Frequencies of Octave [UFO] Sound Vibrations… Silently & Stratospherically Positioned Over Ancient Egypt [Hi:teKEMET] ♀

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