Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Mama's Aboriginal Black Knights of the Round Table

♀ Pardon Me as I Universally… Scientifically... & Clairvoyantly [USC] Communicate wit' My Bawdy Macromolecular Ancestors... I Mythologically [Celestially] Call… Harlem’s Hedonistic Kemetic Knight Templars of Mama’s Matriarchal Round Table… as We Philosophically Academically Telepathically Rhythmically Organically Naturally Intellectually Zealously & Esoterically [PATRONIZE] = Retreat to Our Hidden Mental Energy [ME] Empires of Sirius Black ETheric [BET] Communications… so We can Sovereignly Scholastically & Secretly Discuss Our Futuristic Vodun Black Underworld Societies [U.S.] of Highly Advanced Kemetic Occult Affairs in Pure Black Silence [Quantum Privacy]… without the pesky artificial [Extinct] intelligence of fallen America’s Inferior political religious govments of xenophobic propaganda ♀

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