Wednesday, October 21, 2015

King Tut... Hip Hop Pharaoh of Predynastic Black America

♀ I’mma Kingly Sit Here on My Royal Ultra Sonic [U.S.] Golden Black Throne of Sirius Black Panther [Sphinx Clan] Power… wit’ My Tut Hand… Holdin’ My Big Black Complex Coptic Mental Staff = Magick Sorcery Stick = My Hermetic [MH] Phonetic Penis of Sexually Explicit… Pornographically Promiscuous... Pleasurably Erotic... Solar Phallic Energies... and Reintroduce to U My Ancient Egyptian [Black] Heaven and Hell [as Above so Below]... Untouchable Uncensored Unapologetic Sciences [U.S.] of Us Sexually [U.S.] Suggestive Hip Hop Pharaohs [Naughty Genius Gnostics]…  from Lost Atlantis [Predynastic Black America] ♀

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