Friday, October 30, 2015

Her Biblically Black Hittite Sciences

♀ I’m Quite Fond of Mentally Fondling wit’ Her Biblically [Masonically] Black Hit~TIT~es [Hittites] Sciences… from Predynastic [Futuristic] Black America… ‘ cause I be My Mama’s Black Pornographic Mental Messiah [Sexually Explicit Alkhemist = Golden Christ Child = Sirius Sovereign Sorcerer]  from Our Royal Feminine Artisan Ancestors of Heavenly [Empyreal] Black & Gold Esoteric Bloodline [GEB] Genesis… Geothermally Generated by Our Highly Stimulated Black Mental Harr~monic [MH] Pineal Intelligence [PI = π] Glands of Protoplasmic Chakra Codes… to Moor Hidden [MH] Luminous Lunar Ancestors from Lost Atlantis ♀

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