Sunday, October 25, 2015

Dark Crystal Mentals

♀ as I Mentally Resurrect My Ancient [MA]~sonic Dark Crystal [Black Dot] Creation Memories from Inner Earth’s Symbiotic Molecules of Black Crystalized Cosmic Intelligence… My 1st iEye of Jupiter’s Highly Advanced Black Vodun Magick Sciences be Clairvoyantly Communicatin’ to Moor Ancestors of Complex [MAC] Mythological Palo Mayombe Hereditary [MH] Physics… as I Mentally Alkhemically Radiantly & Scientifically [MARS] Produce Moor of Mama’s Untouchable [MU] Unobtanium MELanin = Golden Crystals of Crystalized Black Byzantine Blood… I Psychologically Philosophically & Phantasmagorically… Perfected in Ancient Egypt [Hi:teKEMET] ♀

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