Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Christopher Columbus'd My Ship

♀ see this what had happened right... I Drunkenly Crashed [Christopher Columbus'd]... My Predynastic Black Mariner Watercraft [Witchcraft Vessel = Mental UFO Soul~ar Ship = Ark of Sothis = Celestial Ship of the North = Cosmic Motha' Ship]... of Pre Historic Uranium Steele [U.S.] Gases [Genes] from Mercury’s Maritime Airspace of Plutonium [MAP] Physics [Quantum Black Genetics]… then I Mathematically Alkhemically Radioactively & Scientifically [MARS] Landed [Fell = Died = Reincarnated] Myself… on Pluto’s [Persephone’s] Oldest Plymouth [POP] Rock Planet… the mortals commonly call Earth [Gaia] ♀

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