Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Call Mama

♀ I’mma show y'all how to Telepathically Communicate to Your Ancient [Futuristic] Black Mummies [Royal Families of Matriarchal Black Mamas]... from Our 18th Dynastic Dynasty Clans of Sirius Black Egyptian Energy [BEE] Artifacts... We Phonetically... Harr~monically Ancestrally Ritualistically Atmospherically Observationally & Heroically [PHARAOH].... Created by Clairvoyantly Invokin’ Our Giant Golden Black Pineal Glands of Pluto’s Philosophical Psychological Phantasmal Linguistics [Quantum Black Lunar Intelligence Physics = Sonic Black Soul Magick]… from Predynastic Black Vodun America [Lost Washitaw Atlantis] ♀

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