Sunday, October 25, 2015

Black Quadraphonic Resurrection

♀ as I Quadraphonically Resurrect My Hidden [MH] Triple 6 Category 9 Pantheon of Predynastic Black African [Akkadian = Sargon] Pharaonic Gods from Mama’s Untouchable Unobtanium Memory [MU’UM] Motha’ Ship… My Highly Advanced Mental of Hyperion [MH] Communication Physics… to Mama Harrell’s Black Atmospheric Arithmetics of Lunar [BA’AL] Light… be Telepathically Radiating Sonic Soul Signals to Her Maritime Azimuth Angles of Quantum Black Electromagnetic Particles of Thermospheric Titanium Zeus Energies… while I be Christopher Columbus~ing [Telepathically Discover~ing] Moor Hidden [MH] Black Macrocosmic Ancestral Paradisal [MAP] Energy Ancestors… completely Unseen… Unknown… and Unheard by the materialistic slaves of fallen America ♀

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