Friday, October 30, 2015

Black Asiatic Messiah [BAM BAM]

♀ how the Inferior political religious govments of fallen America… Gun~na stop [Assassinate = MLK] this Pre Historic [Futuristic] Black Asiatic Messiah… as I Prophetically Resurrect [Revitalize = Reanimate] My Ancient [Biblical = Mythological] Black Hi:teKIN folK [Hittites] of Alice’s [Mama’s] Supreme Black Vodun Firepower [Sorcery Magick]… & Washitaw’s Golden Black Steele [Byzantine] MELanin Molecules of Sirius High Renaissance [Royal = Illuminated] Intelligence of Hereditary Black Christ [Lunar] Culture Genetics… 4 Our Secret Black Soul~archangEL Society of Mama’s Supreme Black & Gold Occult Sciences… be Black America’s Authentic [Original = Aboriginal = Astronomical] Black Clairvoyant Hierarchies of Masonic Shadow Governments [Spiritually Black Congress]… from Predynastic Black Occult America [Washitaw Atlantis] ♀

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