Sunday, October 11, 2015

Black America's Dead Sea Scroll Powers

♀ as I look back Into Predynastic Black America’s Coptic [Futuristic] Book known as Our Dead Sea Scrolls from Kemet [Egypt]… I see it’s time for Me to Unapologetically Invoke My Big Black Eolithic Telepathic [BET] Mental Weapon of Mass Destruction [ETheric Violence] upon fallen America’s Inferior temporal religious political govments of Terroristic Threats [Televised Propaganda]… 4 My Militant War Hungry [Hollywood Hitler = Biblical Hittite] Vodun Mental finds great Pleasure in Permanently Destroying fallen white America’s fake patriotic policies [corporate by laws] of Non Indigenous [Non Black Planetary] origins as I Arrogantly… Disobey… ALL Political & Religious “Leaders”… of programmed white lies [fake truths]… on Sinful Anti Religious Sexual Sunday ♀

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