Friday, October 2, 2015

Ancestral Hurricane Joaquīn Energies of Lost Atlantis

♀ as I Summon Moor of My Double Mythological Astrological Sapiential Teleological Ecological Redemptional [MASTER] Mental Powers from Rome’s Empyreal Black Omnipotent Lunisolar Duality [BOLD] Genetic Physics… My Ecliptic Encyclopedic Equilibrium be Alkhemically Formulating Moor Hereditary [MH] Stratospheric Spectrum Sciences by Ancestors of Titanium~Uranium Radiant Nebula [SATURN] MELanin… as I Psychically Release Moor Heavy [MH] Atmospheric Metallurgic Mathema'atics of Hurrian [MH = Hurricane] Joaquín [Jehoichin = Jeconiah = Jehovah] Energies… that be Chaotically Positioned above fallen America ♀

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