Sunday, October 18, 2015

America's fallen white Christianity religions of dead pope Dogma

♀ I stay Highly Elevated Above fallen America’s Inferior… Weak… white patriotic political religious christianity govments… of Artificial Intelligence [dead pope Dogma]… as I Roman Kingly be Imperially Invokin’ My Double [Black] Uraeus Serpent [U.S] + Uranus Kundalini [U.K.] Genetic Hereditary Energies… by My Saturnian Ark of Neoplatonic Sciences [Accelerated Mental of Supreme Pyramid Powers] from Mama Hagar’s [Mama Steele’s = MS. Hittite’s = Queen Tiye’s] Supreme Biblical Lunar Akkadians of Clairvoyant Kybalion [BLACK] Congo Families [Inner Dimensional Afrikkan Moors] of Predynastic Black America [Lost Atlantis] ♀

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