Saturday, September 12, 2015

Supreme Black Cosmic Creators

♀ Her Heavenly Curvaceous Feminine Messianic Akashic Ionians by a Divine Species [MAIDS™ = Supreme Black Cosmic Creators]… be Sexually Explicitly Teasing My Hedonistic [MH] Mental Gland of Pornographic Visionary & Sensory Sciences… as I TeleType this Spiritual Allegory & Epic Tale of Latent Sexual Lust Physics…  4 My Over Indulgent Mental Behavior be Quantumly Vibratin’ to Her Infinite Cosmic Sea of Euphoric Black Soul~ar Sonic Energies as I Sexually Position My Untouchable Stealth [U.S.] Equilibrium Ships over Our Futuristic Island Planet [IP] of Wattstax Atlantis 

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